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Congratulations GSDDA - CSTC 2016 Champions!


On March 5-6th, 2016, seven California local all-star teams met at the Palm Garden Hotel, in Newbury Park, CA. The teams present were SCDA (Southern California Darts Association), CCDA (Central Coast Dart Association), VCDA (Ventura County Dart Association – three teams), OC Phoenix (Orange County Phoenix League-Soft Tip), and GSDDA (Greater San Diego Darting Association).

We all played four matches on Saturday and three on Sunday. The VCDA Red Team lead the overall point count through the first three rounds. From the fourth to the seventh round, GSDDA lead the pack. The seventh round, GSDDA had a bye, while OC Phoenix and VCDA Red battled it out for second place.

The top three teams were very close with only 5 points between first and second place and 4 points between second and third place. The final match between those two teams was very exciting and came down to the final three legs to determine who would be first, second, and third.

The GSDDA fielded a very strong team which only lost to OC Phoenix (13 to 14 points). The 2016 team was composed of the following:

  • Brian Leicester (Co-Captain)
  • Carmen Martinez
  • Charles Bradish (Captain)
  • Dave Johnson
  • Jennifer Venter
  • JD (Joseph David) Newman
  • Marcie Evans
  • Rob Dixon
  • Rob Showers

  • Dan Jager (Alternate)
  • Denise Klein – All Star Coordinator
  • Todd Kemper – Vice President